Thank you from your winner Mike

Thanks to everyone who asked questions, voted and turned up in the live chats – I had an amazing two weeks, and it was great fun getting to know all of you. I could never have imagined I would get asked the wide variety of stuff you all came up with, and I passed on lots of questions to other scientists I know because they were so interesting! I hope you enjoyed our answers and had as much fun as all the Niobium scientists did. As you all know by now, my research is all about making computers do creative, artistic things – and I’m especially interested in getting them to make videogames. But those games aren’t much use if they stay on a computer in my rucksack all day long – I want people to play them! So I’m going use some of the money from I’m A Scientist … Continue reading

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I’m a Scientist – your winner is MIKE!

Students have spoken. The votes have been counted. Congratulations Mike, we look forward to hearing how you spend your £500 prize money. Hard luck to Emma and thank you to all the other scientists who took part. You were all brilliant and each and every single one of you has contributed to the great success of this event. We’ve had two weeks of hot debate, stimulating chat and mind-boggling facts. Students, don’t forget to fill in the event feedback survey to be in with a chance to win £20 WH Smith vouchers, here:

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I’m a Scientist – you’ve decided to let BLANKA go!

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes since yesterday and now it’s game over for… BLANKA This leaves just Mike and Emma to fight it out for the £500 prize tomorrow. What would they both do with the money, you ask? Mike says “I’m hoping to build an Android app that will host ANGELINA’s games and explain the science behind it, and I’d also like to donate some to helping Code Club get off the ground in UK schools!” and Emma says “I’m currently developing a microbiology badge for Rainbows/Brownies/Guides and would like to trial this over more units (and potentially develop a similar badge for Beavers/Cubs/Scouts)“. The competition is hotting up and the scientists are pulling out all the stops to secure your all important final vote. Only you decide who gets the £500 prize. Not your teacher, not the other scientists. Ask them more questions to help you … Continue reading

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I’m a Scientist – you’ve now evicted… Anil!

We’ve counted the votes since yesterday and now it’s time to evict… ANIL In just 24 hours time the final 2 Niobium Zone scientists will be revealed to battle it out in the final. Who gets through to the final for a chance to win £500? YOU decide! The last 3 scientists have it all to play for and they’re fighting for YOUR vote. So vote NOW to make sure your favourite scientist makes it through to Friday’s final – VOTE! If you haven’t made up your mind why not ask the scientists those all important tie breaker questions to help you decide? ASK One student in each zone will win a £20 WH Smith voucher for asking the best questions in the opinion of the moderators. So keep asking those mind boggling questions that push the scientist to their limits, and it might just be you… Sorry to see … Continue reading

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I’m a Scientist – 1st out is… Cees!

It’s been a fantastic event so far and the scientists have worked hard, answering thousands of questions between them. But on Friday there can only be one winner in each zone, so some of them have to go. We are sorry to have to do this to you, but the first scientist to be evicted is… CEES Thanks so much for all you’ve done. We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part. There will be evictions every day for the rest of the week, with the winner announced on Friday. Keep VOTING students! Who will walk off with the prize? YOU decide!

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Niobium Zone is GO

I’m a Scientist kicks off in full on Monday 25th and the scientists in the Niobium Zone are eagerly awaiting your questions! You can read all about the scientists on their profiles – And then: ASK them all those tricky science questions you want to know the answer to CHAT with them in live chats booked by your teacher VOTE for your favourite scientist to win £500 to spend on communicating science So get thinking about what it is you want to know about the world of science.

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