• Question: did you go to universty to study cancer???

    Asked by whmegandnath to Blanka on 4 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: Blanka Sengerova

      Blanka Sengerova answered on 4 Jul 2012:

      Good question again. No, I went to university to study biochemistry and then got interested in studying enzyomology, which is basically about what proteins/enzymes (the tiny machines of the cell) do. When I finished my PhD, I was looking for a job in something like that (working out what enzymes do) and there was an opening in my boss’ lab, which is funded by Cancer Research UK and which is broadly interested in the mechanisms of DNA repair proteins. So I ended by being a cancer researcher, but I still see myself as a biochemist above all. My next job might involve looking at the biochemistry of another disease…