• Question: is there life on maaars?

    Asked by tapeworm to Anil, Blanka, Cees, Emma, Mike on 25 Jun 2012. This question was also asked by asiansupreme, worldlife.
    • Photo: Michael Cook

      Michael Cook answered on 25 Jun 2012:

      I don’t think anyone is sure yet! We’ve found some evidence there might be (for instance, we’ve found frozen water – which might mean there was life on Mars in the past). But we’ve also found evidence there couldn’t possibly be life there – it’s missing a lot of things that Earth has to protect us from cosmic radiation for instance.

      It’s a really popular question! David Bowie certainly liked it, anyway.

    • Photo: Blanka Sengerova

      Blanka Sengerova answered on 25 Jun 2012:

      Who knows? Water has been found there, as Mike has already pointed out, which means that there could be life there or may have been in the past. But if you’re hoping for little green men, I don’t think they’ve been seen yet…

    • Photo: Emma Trantham

      Emma Trantham answered on 25 Jun 2012:

      As Michael and Blanka say – we don’t really know yet. If life is there it may look quite different to life on earth…