• Question: What is the Earth made of ???????

    Asked by vanessamosz to Anil, Blanka, Cees, Emma, Mike on 27 Jun 2012. This question was also asked by edward321, michal123.
    • Photo: Blanka Sengerova

      Blanka Sengerova answered on 27 Jun 2012:

      I found this article really useful in explaining the composition of the earth in a youngster friendly language: http://www.geography4kids.com/files/earth_composition.html

      According to the article, basically there are the mantle layers, upper and lower mantle. The lower mantle is the more solid one and the mantles are made up of olivine rock, iron, magnesium, and many silicate compounds.

      Inside the mantles is the core, which is conveniently broken up into the outer and inner core. These are subject to a massive amount of pressure and heat and are apparently made up of a lot of iron (molten in the outer core and solid in the inner core) which is what creates the Earth’s magnetic field.

      Voila, I didn’t know that detail and I am all the wiser for having looked it up so thank you for the question.

    • Photo: Emma Trantham

      Emma Trantham answered on 29 Jun 2012:

      Ooh thanks for asking the question vanessamsoz and thanks for answering Blanka! Now I have just learned what it is made of too! 🙂