• Question: why do you kill the animals after the experiment do you not feel anything taking a life witch did nothing wrong ?????

    Asked by sumners1235 to Emma on 3 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: Emma Trantham

      Emma Trantham answered on 3 Jul 2012:

      All animal experiments have to be licenced by the Home Office. It is a requirement of many of the licences that the animals have to be put to sleep at the end of the experiment. This is for different reasons

      -some animals are infected with diseases that can also infect humans
      -some animals are bred that might not survive outside of the lab
      -most of the time scientists need to get bits of tissue from the animal when they are dead so they can look at the cells etc. and see what happened

      I feel sad when I have to put my chickens to sleep but I know that the work I do will help human (and possibly chicken) health so I think it is worth it.

      Also, I eat meat. I think if I am prepared to let animals die for my food then I should be prepared to accept animals dying for research PROVIDED that
      -animals are the only way to find that information out
      -the animals are treated as well as possible
      -the resaearchers have followed the ‘3Rs’: Reduce the number of animals possible; Replace animals with other non-animal models wherever possible; refine the experiments so the animals are as comfortable as possible

      But that is not to say that everyone should have the same belief as me. What do you think?
      All of the drugs we use have to be tested on animals to check they are safe before being trialled in humans. Do you think it is ok to use animals for this purpose?

      There is a really good website aimed at students here: http://www.understandinganimalresearch.org.uk/schoolzone/ that explains about the animal research that goes on in the UK