Michael Cook

Photo: Mike

Me and my Work: I’m building a special computer program (an “artificial intelligence”) called ANGELINA and teaching it to design videogames!

Status: Thank you everyone! Now to get to work. I'm on Twitter if you ever want to ask anything, or you can visit ANGELINA's site to see progress updates on the project and the app!

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Emma Trantham

Photo: Emma

Me and my Work: I work with bacteria that can give you really nasty food poisoning (vomiting… diarrhoea… the lot) trying to figure out why so many chickens carry them and how we can get rid of them.

Status: Going to be sad to say good bye to you all - you've asked such great questions!

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Cees Van der Land

Photo: Cees

Me and my Work: Investigating the processes which form rocks, how do you get from a coral reef to a cemented limestone?

Status: Added pictures to my profile, hope you like them!

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Is that true that if you are scientist you must have imagination????????

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Blanka Sengerova

Photo: Blanka

Me and my Work: I study proteins (cellular machinery) that are involved in the repair of DNA (the instructions for making cellular machinery), trying to work out how DNA is repaired, which could in future help design anti-cancer drugs.

Status: Congratulations Mike, and goodbye to the students and good luck with your future, wherever that may take you...

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Anil de Sequeira

Photo: Anil

Me and my Work: I have been involved in the development of smart labels that monitor the shelf life of chilled and frozen foods

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are we all a different kind of blind?O.o (1 comments)